Bamboo Removal

by philinshelton on June 2, 2012

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Although our customers loved the screening, the beauty and the utility of this bamboo in their children's play area, due to lifestyle changes, they needed the area to be very low maintenance. After discussing the options, we decided a complete bamboo removal was the best solution. Our customers fell behind on the maintenance, so the bamboo grew under the rock border into the "sandbox", and under and around the play house. In an attempt to keep the bamboo at bay, the canes were cut down leaving stumps and spikes, severely compromising the safety and usefulness of the entire play area. Unlike digging bamboo field divisions, this removal was of the "demolition" variety, where the main considerations are cost effectiveness and efficiency.

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Kris Anderson December 2, 2012 at 8:41 pm

Having grown bamboo before and knowing how invasive it can be it not contained, this last time i planted them, i put them in troughs.

They are contained and no worries of them invading my neighbors yard or other parts of the garden. I highly recommend gardeners to contain the running varities if you don’t want them to take over everything.

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