Bamboo Break

by philinshelton on July 12, 2009

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Since the 4th of July weekend, I have been taking a break (as much as possible) from bamboo and blogging, spending as much time as possible boating in the south Puget sound.  Here a few pics from down Shelton way. I have been puttering around the Puget Sound in small boats for over a decade, visiting one magical place after another.  Hartstene, Hope, Squaxin,  Anderson, Vashon, and Blake Islands are some of my favorite boating destinations, as well the Port of  Olympia, (Farmers Market just across the street) Fair Harbor Marina and the Allyn dock just up the bay from there.  The past week and a half, I spent most of my spare time on Oro Bay (Anderson Island) and the waters of Nisqually Reach, dropping pots for Dungeness crab.  You can click on the pics to view a larger image. Successful crabbing or no, any day on the Puget Sound in 80 degree weather is fantastic recreation. Below, all 14,410' of Mount Rainier, viewed from the south end of Anderson Island. In the Nisqually Delta, we use the "green can" as a reference point for one of our favorite places to drop our crab pots.  Below, seals are almost always found sunning atop the green can on warm, sunny days. Below, a bald eagle rests on one of the pilings that mark the edge of the Nisqually Flats. Son Justin is pulling his first pot of the season - he managed all 150' of line by himself for the first time this year. Me with a couple of Dungeness crab. Sunset headin' west, back to the boat launch.  Taken near Johnson Point, Olympia.

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George Boggess July 20, 2009 at 11:44 pm

Hi Phil….stumbled on your very interesting and informative site!
Have 30 varieties of bamboo on couple acres-north side of Anderson Island-waterfront.
Stop on in sometime. Also 60+ palms planted.
Voles are biggest problem and difficult to control.

philinshelton July 21, 2009 at 7:18 am

I was out on the island weekend before last. Wish I would have known you were out there! I will definitely stop by when I get the chance!

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