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by philinshelton on June 13, 2009

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A few weeks back, Outdoors By Design finished a retaining wall and patio to create an outdoor  living space outside of our client's new addition.   Here's what went into the job and some before and after pics.


100 tons crushed rock 19 tons wall block 3 tons corner units 3.5 tons coping units 9 tons architectural slab 9 tons sand


1. Dig out and prepare base course with crushed rock 2. Build wall, steps and backfill 3. Install caps 4. Install architectural slab patio 4. Set flagstone landing 5. Finish with plantings and compost mulch Here are some before, during and after pics starting with the house and patio area before the addition.  You can click on a pic to view a larger image, and click on it to close it.
House and landscape before the addition

House and landscape before the addition

Cozy in winter, cool in summer, a new addition (below) provides a bright space for outdoor enjoyment with the comfort of indoor living.

New addition complete, wall and patio just starting

Building wall and integrated steps

Travis at work building the wall and integrated steps

Patio surface constructed with 2x2 textured concrete slabs

Patio surface constructed with 2'x2' textured concrete slabs

Side steps from kitchen access to future garden

Side steps allow kitchen access to a future garden

Finished wall, patio and flagstone landing

Finished wall, patio and flagstone landing

With their new patio, our clients can move dining and recreation outdoors as seasonal and daily weather allows. Click here to view other Outdoors By Design landscape projects.

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